After years of being stuck in early access limbo, 7 Days To Die, the sandbox craft ’em up with zombie hordes, is finally nearing a full 1.0 release. Richard Huenink, co-founder of studio The Fun Pimps, announced in a recent Twitch chat with fans that the tentative stable release date is set for Thursday, July 25th. This long-awaited release is a significant milestone for both the developers and the loyal player base who have been patiently waiting for the game to reach its full potential.

Early Access Journey

Reflecting on the early days of 7 Days To Die, it is evident that the game has come a long way since its inception. The evolution of the game can be seen when comparing the screenshots from the early playthroughs to the latest trailer. The core premise of building during the day and defending against hordes of zombies at night remains a timeless and engaging gameplay mechanic. While other crafting games have strayed from this formula, 7 Days To Die has stayed true to its roots, offering players a unique and immersive survival experience.

During the Twitch stream, the developers hinted at the possibility of the game returning to Game Pass in the future. However, this is not confirmed at this time. For players who are considering purchasing the game, the developers recommend buying it now while the price is still relatively low. The current cost of the game is £19/$25/€23, but with the full release, the price is expected to increase to $45 (approximately £40/€45). This price hike is a common occurrence with games transitioning from early access to a full release, and the developers are transparent in advising players to take advantage of the current pricing.

As the release date for 7 Days To Die approaches, excitement and anticipation are building within the gaming community. The developers are working diligently to ensure a smooth and stable release, with a focus on fixing any game-breaking bugs that may arise. Players can look forward to an experimental branch on Steam starting on Monday, June 24th, which will allow them to preview new features before the official release. This hands-on approach to development demonstrates the commitment of the development team to deliver a high-quality and polished gaming experience to their dedicated fan base.

The imminent full release of 7 Days To Die marks a significant milestone in the game’s development journey. From its humble beginnings in early access to the upcoming stable release, the game has evolved and grown, offering players a unique and engaging survival experience. As fans eagerly await the official release on July 25th, the developers are working tirelessly to deliver a game that meets and exceeds the expectations of their loyal player base. With new features, bug fixes, and an unwavering commitment to quality, 7 Days To Die is poised to captivate both new and returning players in the ever-expanding world of survival gaming.


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