Thunderful’s latest fiscal report reveals that the December release of SteamWorld Build did not meet the company’s sales expectations. CEO Martin Walfisz acknowledged that despite some “new momentum,” the game fell slightly short of what was anticipated. He mentioned that the genre of the game did not resonate with Thunderful’s core audience and that it was not well-suited for the Switch, a platform that has been crucial for the company.

In addition to the disappointing sales of SteamWorld Build, Thunderful has also decided to halt development on its new project, SteamWorld Headhunter. The company did not provide specific reasons for this decision, leaving many in the industry speculating about the future direction of Thunderful. Furthermore, the company is currently in the process of restructuring and has expressed its intentions to sell the Bridge Constructor publisher Headup.

Despite the setbacks, Thunderful is optimistic about the future. The company aims to bounce back in 2024 by transitioning into a more stable and focused organization. Walfisz has highlighted the potential for growth between 2024 and 2026, with plans to release fewer, better, and bigger titles. Additionally, he mentioned the excitement surrounding the rumored next generation Nintendo console, hinting at potential opportunities for the company.

When SteamWorld Build was released on the Switch in December, it received positive reviews. Nintendo Life awarded the game 8 out of 10 stars, praising its beautiful craftsmanship and unique gameplay mechanics. The review highlighted the lack of similar management simulation games on the market, emphasizing the originality of SteamWorld Build.

Thunderful’s recent sales disappointment with SteamWorld Build has brought challenges for the company. However, with a strategic focus on restructuring, future planning, and potential new opportunities in the gaming industry, Thunderful remains hopeful for its future success. As the company navigates through this period of change, it will be interesting to see how Thunderful adapts and evolves to meet the demands of the ever-changing gaming market.


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