Todd Howard, the director and executive producer at Bethesda, recently spoke about the controversy surrounding the Fallout TV show’s treatment of the Fallout backstory. He addressed concerns about the canonicity of Obsidian’s Fallout: New Vegas and assured fans that Bethesda and Amazon are working diligently to maintain consistency between the games and the TV series. Howard explained that there is no clash between the show and the events depicted in the Fallout game series.

The Fallout TV show features a blackboard sketch that has raised eyebrows among fans. The sketch shows “The fall of Shady Sands” and “2277” with an arrow pointing to a mushroom cloud, suggesting that Shady Sands, the capital of the New California Republic, was nuked in 2277. This contradicts the events in Fallout: New Vegas, where the NCR and Shady Sands are thriving. Howard clarified that Shady Sands is nuked after the events of Fallout: New Vegas, not in 2277 as indicated in the show.

While Howard’s explanation provides some clarity, there are still lingering questions about the blackboard message. Some fans speculate that the “fall of Shady Sands” in 2277 was the beginning of a gradual decline that led to the nuclear devastation after 2281. Another possibility is that the blackboard date was an error made by the production team, which Howard tactfully chose not to disclose. Ultimately, the ambiguity of the message leaves room for interpretation.

Collaboration for Consistency

According to Howard, the idea of nuking Shady Sands was proposed by the Fallout TV showrunners, Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet. The destruction of Shady Sands serves as a significant plot point that ties many elements of the story together. This decision prompted Bethesda and the TV production team to work closely to ensure that the show adheres to Fallout lore. Howard emphasized that they are meticulous about the timeline and strive to maintain consistency with previous games, including New Vegas.

For fans eagerly awaiting future Fallout content, Howard hinted at a potential announcement in November. This news has sparked speculation about a trailer for Fallout TV Season 2 or other exciting developments in the Fallout universe. Whether you are convinced by Howard’s reassurances or remain skeptical, the ongoing collaboration between Bethesda and the TV show creators suggests a commitment to honoring the rich lore of the Fallout series. Stay tuned for more updates and revelations in the world of Fallout.


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