The remake of Alone in the Dark (2024) has garnered mixed reviews, with critics expressing varying opinions on different aspects of the game. Some have commended the storytelling and puzzles, while others have criticized the tedious gameplay and frustrating combat mechanics. It is clear that the game has polarized reviewers, with scores ranging from 8.5/10 to one star, indicating extreme opinions on its overall quality.

In a scathing review by The Guardian’s Rick Lane, the game was described as dull and uninteresting, with poor writing and buggy combat. The lack of attention to detail and finesse was highlighted, making the game feel like a subpar imitation of Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake. On the other hand, Press Start Australia’s James Berich found the remake to be uniquely charming, with a fresh take on the original game’s formula. Despite acknowledging issues with combat and enemy variety, Berich enjoyed the overall experience of Alone in the Dark.

GameSpot’s Mark Delaney criticized the game for not doing justice to its source material, dubbing it derivative and unenjoyable in parts. The combat mechanics were a particular point of contention, with Delaney highlighting the poor AI and directionless melee combat. While he found some aspects of the gameplay enjoyable, such as puzzle-solving and exploration, these were not enough to salvage the overall experience. Eurogamer’s Vikki Blake also pointed out flaws in the game’s combat system, labeling it as janky and unpolished. The lack of refinement in various aspects of the game made it hard to fully immerse in the experience.

On the flip side, PC Gamer’s Alexander Chatziioannou had a positive take on Alone in the Dark, praising its atmosphere, storytelling, and performances. He found the chemistry between the main characters to be engaging and commended the writing for its strangeness and Lynchian vibe. Despite acknowledging bugs in the game, Chatziioannou deemed Alone in the Dark a success, highlighting the thoughtful callbacks to the original game and the overall fondness for the series.

Alone in the Dark (2024) has elicited mixed reviews from critics, with differing opinions on its storytelling, gameplay, and performances. While some found the game to be a compelling and charming experience, others were put off by its lack of polish and uninspired combat mechanics. Ultimately, the reception of Alone in the Dark seems to be split between those who appreciate its unique take on the horror genre and those who find it lacking in execution.

Overall, it is evident that Alone in the Dark (2024) is a divisive title that will resonate differently with each player, depending on their preferences and expectations.


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