Amazon Kindle users are currently facing a frustrating issue that is preventing them from downloading both new and previously purchased books to their e-readers. This ongoing outage has left many users unable to access the content they have purchased or want to purchase on their devices, causing great inconvenience.

According to moderators responding to user complaints on Amazon’s support forums, the company is aware of the problem and is actively working to resolve it. However, attempts by users to troubleshoot the issue on their own, such as resetting the device, have not been successful. As a result, users are now left waiting for Amazon to fix the problem on their end.

Good e-Reader reported the problem and highlighted a response from Amazon support attributing the issue to “server problems.” This response also indicated that it could be at least 48 hours before ebooks start downloading again, with the possibility of it taking even longer. Users on Reddit have also shared similar download problems with their Kindles, further confirming the widespread nature of this issue.

The outage is not only affecting the download of books directly from the Amazon store but is also impacting users who are trying to download books from Overdrive to their Kindle devices using Libby. This added complication is causing even more frustration for users who rely on these services to access their reading material. Fortunately, the issue does not extend to downloading books on the iOS and Android Amazon Kindle apps, providing some relief for users who can still access their content through alternative means.

This latest problem comes on the heels of another issue reported by Kindle users involving Amazon’s “Send to Kindle” feature. This feature allows users to sideload ebooks and documents onto their devices without needing a computer. However, some users encountered error messages stating that their files could not be delivered due to a service error. These ongoing challenges are adding to the frustration and disappointment experienced by Kindle users who rely on these devices for their reading needs.

The outage impacting Amazon Kindle users’ ability to download books is a significant problem that is causing widespread frustration and inconvenience. With users unable to access their purchased content or download new books, the issue is highlighting the dependence many users have on their devices for reading. As Amazon works to resolve the problem, users are left waiting and hoping for a quick solution to get back to enjoying their reading experience without interruptions.


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