The upcoming game Metaphor: ReFantazio has taken a different approach compared to past Persona games by excluding any romance options for players. This new direction was revealed during a Japanese Q&A livestream, where it was clarified that the bonds formed with certain characters will not lead to romantic scenes. This shift away from romance in a game that typically includes it may surprise fans of the series, as Atlus games have historically allowed players to engage in romantic relationships with companions.

One key factor contributing to the absence of romance options in Metaphor: ReFantazio is the utilization of a unique bond level system. This new RPG is being developed by Studio Zero, not the usual Persona developer P-Studio at Atlus. Studio Zero, known for their work on Catherine: Full Body, has implemented a bond level system that differs significantly from previous games in the Atlus lineup. While the lack of romance may disappoint some players, the focus on other aspects of character relationships should provide a fresh gaming experience.

Although the bond system in Metaphor: ReFantazio does not lead to romance, it does offer players the opportunity to unlock new Archetypes by increasing their bond level with characters. These Archetypes serve as a way to grant new combat classes to characters in the game. Players can customize their party members by equipping different Archetype classes during battles, allowing for strategic gameplay and diverse character growth.

Katsura Hashino, the director behind the Persona series for many years, has taken the reins on Metaphor: ReFantazio to introduce a fresh approach to character relationships and gameplay mechanics. The absence of romance options may be a departure from what fans are accustomed to, but it signifies a deliberate choice on the part of the development team to focus on other aspects of player-character interactions. The Archetype system, as unveiled during a recent presentation, highlights the game’s emphasis on combat customization and strategic decision-making.

While the lack of romance options in Metaphor: ReFantazio may come as a surprise to fans of Atlus games, it represents a shift in focus towards a different aspect of gameplay. By emphasizing the bond level system and the unlocking of Archetypes, the game offers players a unique way to engage with characters and customize their combat experience. Director Katsura Hashino’s vision for the game underscores a desire to innovate and explore new narrative and gameplay possibilities, setting Metaphor: ReFantazio apart as a distinct and intriguing addition to the RPG genre.


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