The Elden Ring community has been buzzing about The Red Scholar’s ambitious project – the ‘Elden Ring Etymology Document’. This extensive dictionary aims to uncover the origins of every name in FromSoftware’s massive RPG, providing insights into the linguistic and historical roots of the characters and locations within the game. The Red Scholar’s dedication to this undertaking is truly commendable, as delving into the etymology of such a vast array of names is no small feat.

One fascinating example provided in the Etymology Document is the name ‘Agheel’, which is associated with the early-game boss Flying Dragon Agheel. The document suggests that ‘Agheel’ could have roots in the Northern Kurdish word ‘aghir’, meaning ‘fire’, or the Latin word ‘aquila’, which translates to ‘eagle’ in English. This demonstrates the depth of research conducted by The Red Scholar, who has meticulously traced the possible origins of each name in Elden Ring.

Challenges and Ambiguities

Translating Japanese names has proven to be a challenging task for The Red Scholar, as highlighted in the Etymology Document’s introduction. The ambiguity of translating Katakana symbols can lead to variations in English spellings, as seen with the example of ‘Lorreta’ or ‘Roletta’. This showcases the complexities of navigating linguistic differences and underscores the meticulous attention to detail required for this type of research.

Despite the comprehensive nature of the Etymology Document, there are still names from the upcoming DLC, ‘Shadow of the Erdtree’, that have yet to be fully analyzed. Names like ‘Onze’ and ‘Ymir’ present opportunities for further exploration and interpretation, hinting at the potential for new discoveries once the DLC is released. The collaboration with other helpers listed in the document demonstrates a collective effort to unravel the mysteries behind Elden Ring’s intricate naming conventions.

Looking Ahead

As fans eagerly await the launch of the DLC, The Red Scholar’s Etymology Document offers a tantalizing glimpse into the thought process and dedication involved in unraveling the linguistic tapestry of Elden Ring. The meticulous research and analysis showcased in this project shed light on the depth and complexity of FromSoftware’s immersive world, adding an additional layer of appreciation for the game’s rich lore and storytelling.

The Red Scholar’s ‘Elden Ring Etymology Document’ stands as a testament to the dedication and passion of the community surrounding this beloved RPG. By peeling back the layers of each name and uncovering their origins, this project has provided fans with a deeper understanding of the world of Elden Ring. As new discoveries continue to emerge and the DLC expands the game’s universe, the Etymology Document will remain a valuable resource for those seeking to dive deeper into the mysteries of this captivating realm.


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