Apple recently found itself in hot water after releasing a new advertisement for the iPad Pro. The ad, entitled “Crush,” aimed to highlight the thinness of Apple’s latest product by showcasing various media devices and art-making tools being crushed into a thin film by a metal plate. This approach, however, did not sit well with many viewers who found the destruction of instruments and art supplies to be disrespectful.

Upon the release of the ad, it was immediately met with backlash on social media platforms. Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis even took to Twitter to denounce Apple CEO Tim Cook and the company’s supposed “techno-feudal urge to crush everything of cultural value.” The ad was seen by many as a misguided attempt to showcase the thinness of the iPad Pro at the expense of artistic expression.

In response to the public outcry, Apple issued an apology and announced that the ad would no longer be aired on television. Apple’s VP of marketing communications, Tor Myhren, expressed regret over missing the mark with the controversial video and emphasized Apple’s commitment to empowering creatives worldwide. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of considering the impact of advertising on artistic communities.

While Apple has a storied history of iconic ads, such as the Ridley Scott-directed “1984” commercial and the Mac vs PC campaign, the Crush ad will likely go down as more infamous than famous. Despite the misstep, it’s undeniable that the new iPad Pro is incredibly thin at just 5.1mm. Apple’s reputation for sleek design and innovation remains intact, even in the face of this controversy.

The Apple Crush ad saga serves as a cautionary tale for companies looking to showcase product features through advertising. It highlights the importance of understanding and respecting the values of your target audience, especially when promoting products in the creative space. Apple’s swift apology and decision to pull the ad demonstrate a commitment to listening to customer feedback and making amends when necessary.


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