The latest Apple iOS 17.4 beta update brings a useful feature for iPhone users who utilize Apple Cash. According to reports from 9to5Mac, users can now generate a virtual card number for Apple Cash, providing a new way to make payments even when Apple Pay is not available.

How to Enable Virtual Card Numbers

To enable the virtual card number feature, users simply need to open the Wallet app on their iPhone, tap on their Apple Cash card, and look for the option to set up a virtual card number. This process can be completed in just two simple steps, making it convenient for users to access this new functionality.

The addition of virtual card numbers for Apple Cash users is a significant improvement, especially for those who rely on the service for their transactions. With the virtual card number, users can now pay with Apple Cash at more locations, eliminating the limitations of relying solely on Apple Pay.

By introducing virtual card numbers, Apple has enhanced the user experience for Apple Cash users. Instead of having to transfer funds to their bank account or incur fees for instant transfers, users can now use the virtual card number to make seamless payments wherever Apple Cash is accepted.

Increased Convenience

The ability to generate a virtual card number for Apple Cash adds a new level of convenience for users. They no longer have to worry about whether Apple Pay is supported at a particular location, as they can simply use their virtual card number to complete their transactions.

Overall, the introduction of virtual card numbers in the Apple iOS 17.4 beta update is a welcome change for Apple Cash users. This new feature provides greater flexibility and convenience, making it easier for users to access and use their Apple Cash funds in more places.


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