Arrowhead Game Studios, the developer behind Helldivers 2, has recently announced its new CEO, Shams Jorjani. Jorjani has made his official introduction to the community with a promise to ramp up efforts to meet the community’s demand for continuous updates. In a recent Reddit post, Jorjani stated that one of the main goals for Arrowhead under his leadership is to deliver “MOAR” to the players. He acknowledges the overwhelming demand for more content in Helldivers 2 and reassures fans that the studio is working towards a sustainable way to create better and more engaging experiences for its players.

Jorjani is not blind to the fact that Arrowhead is currently understaffed to meet the growing demand for updates. He admits that finding the right pace for growth is crucial for the studio’s success. Jorjani emphasizes the importance of measured growth that allows the team to continue making quality games while maintaining a positive work environment. He aims to strike a balance that allows Arrowhead to meet player expectations without compromising the well-being of the development team.

With the transition in leadership, outgoing CEO Johan Pilestedt will be focusing more on the creative aspects of game development. Jorjani has tasked Pilestedt with mentoring the newer members of the team and ensuring that the studio continues to produce innovative and engaging content. Pilestedt’s wealth of experience and expertise will be invaluable in guiding the team towards success in future projects.

Jorjani is keen on maintaining open and transparent communication with the community. He reassures fans that the studio’s commitment to clear and regular updates will not waver. Jorjani’s extensive history with Arrowhead, dating back to his time with Paradox as the publisher for Magicka, has equipped him with the skills to navigate challenges effectively. He emphasizes the importance of addressing player feedback and ensuring that the development team remains accountable to the community.

As Arrowhead Game Studios enters this new chapter with Jorjani at the helm, the future looks promising for fans of Helldivers 2. The studio’s dedication to delivering high-quality content and engaging experiences remains unwavering. With a focus on sustainable growth and clear communication, Arrowhead is poised to continue its legacy of creating memorable games for its dedicated player base.

The appointment of Shams Jorjani as the new CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios signals a new era of growth and innovation for the studio. With a renewed focus on meeting player demand, fostering a positive work environment, and maintaining open communication, Arrowhead is set to thrive under Jorjani’s leadership. Fans can look forward to more updates, engaging content, and a bright future for Helldivers 2.


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