In response to damaging reports regarding its warranty procedure in the US, Asus has pledged to make significant changes to its support and repair systems. The criticism was initially brought to light by Gamers Nexus (GN), prompting Asus to address the issues raised by customers. The company has promised to implement a variety of adjustments, including the creation of a dedicated team to resolve outstanding problems and the establishment of a US-based support center.

The investigative work conducted by Steve Burke and the team at Gamers Nexus played a crucial role in bringing about these changes. Following a face-to-face meeting between GN and Asus at Computex 2024, where key concerns were discussed, Asus began to reevaluate its approach to warranty support in the US. The commitment to addressing these issues demonstrates the importance of holding companies accountable for their actions.

Asus has taken specific measures to address the shortcomings in its warranty process. One notable change is the introduction of a dedicated email ( for customers to use when submitting RMAs that may have been mishandled. By providing a template for these emails, Asus aims to expedite the resolution of warranty claims and enhance the overall customer experience. Additionally, the company has promised to issue a formal statement regarding the SD card overheating issue in the ROG Ally, a problem that has been noted by some users.

Despite the steps taken by Asus to improve its warranty support, concerns still linger regarding the effectiveness of these changes. Gamers Nexus has indicated that it will continue to monitor Asus’ progress by submitting devices to RMA centers under pseudonyms over the next 6-12 months. This ongoing scrutiny underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in the tech industry, particularly when it comes to customer service and support.

Ultimately, Asus’ commitment to revamping its warranty procedures in response to criticism highlights the significance of listening to customer feedback and taking concrete action to address concerns. By prioritizing transparency, accountability, and customer satisfaction, Asus aims to regain the trust of consumers who rely on its products and services. However, ongoing monitoring and vigilance will be essential to ensure that these improvements are sustained over time and that customers receive the quality support they deserve.


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