Blackmagic Design has unveiled the DaVinci Resolve Micro Color Panel, a compact and affordable solution for video editing on the iPad. Priced at $495, this new device is specifically designed for the iPad, offering a more portable option for editors who prefer purpose-built hardware.

The DaVinci Resolve Micro Color Panel is significantly smaller than Blackmagic’s other color panels, making it a more convenient option for users on the go. Measuring at 14.33 inches by 7.18 inches, this panel is about the size of a computer keyboard, making it easy to transport and use in various environments.

The Micro Color Panel comes equipped with three weighted trackballs and 12 control knobs, allowing users to adjust settings such as shadows, highlights, contrast, and mid-tones with precision. Despite its smaller size and lower price point, Blackmagic ensures that the panel still provides a professional editing experience.

The DaVinci Resolve Micro Color Panel can connect to the iPad either via Bluetooth or USB-C, providing flexibility for users who prefer different connection options. Additionally, the panel features an iPad Pro mounting slot, allowing for easy integration with the device.

Priced at $495, the DaVinci Resolve Micro Color Panel offers a more affordable option compared to Blackmagic’s other color panels, such as the Mini Panel priced over $2,000. Blackmagic’s CEO, Grant Petty, noted that the company aims to provide a portable and cost-effective solution for customers who require a compact grading panel.

Blackmagic plans to release localized versions of the Micro Color Panel in multiple languages, ensuring that users from different regions can utilize the device without language barriers. This approach aims to make the panel accessible to a wider audience and simplify the editing process for international users.

For those interested in experiencing the DaVinci Resolve Micro Color Panel firsthand, Blackmagic will be showcasing the device at its booth (#SL5005) during NAB 2024. Attendees will have the opportunity to test out the panel’s features and see how it enhances the editing workflow on the iPad.

The DaVinci Resolve Micro Color Panel from Blackmagic offers a compact, affordable, and feature-rich solution for video editing on the iPad. With its portable design, enhanced control options, and compatibility with the iPad, this panel is set to provide a seamless editing experience for users looking for a purpose-built hardware solution.


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