Bluesky, the social media platform, has recently made headlines by announcing that heads of state are now allowed to sign up for the platform. This move comes after a period of restriction, where the platform asked users not to invite “recent/prominent heads of state.” The initial policy was put in place when Bluesky was still in its early stages, and its moderation system was not yet fully developed. This led to a chaotic environment on the platform, filled with unusual images and content, including references to the 1980s sitcom character Alf.

Unlike traditional social networks, Bluesky takes a unique approach to moderation. Instead of relying on a central algorithm, the platform empowers users to create their own filters using the open-sourced Ozone tool. This allows individuals to customize their experience and control the content they see. Additionally, Bluesky offers various feed options, including Discover and Popular With Friends tabs, giving users more control over their timeline.

In addition to its moderation and feed customization options, Bluesky has introduced several new features recently. Users can now include hashtags in their profile bios and share links by long-pressing on them. These updates aim to enhance the user experience and make the platform more user-friendly. Despite these improvements, Bluesky still faces competition from other platforms, such as Mastodon, where some world leaders have already established a presence.

As Bluesky continues to evolve and update its policies, the platform may attract more high-profile users, including world leaders. While some politicians, like US President Joseph Robinette Biden, have explored alternative platforms with limited integration, Bluesky’s unique approach to moderation and feed customization could appeal to a broader audience. However, it remains to be seen how the platform will handle the influx of new users and maintain a balance between freedom of expression and responsible content moderation.

Bluesky’s journey from a quirky platform filled with eccentric content to a more mature environment that welcomes world leaders reflects its evolution and adaptability in the competitive social media landscape. By prioritizing user control and customization, Bluesky sets itself apart from traditional social networks and offers a unique experience for its growing user base.


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