NASA is set to attempt a groundbreaking mission by sending a pair of astronauts to space aboard Boeing’s Starliner aircraft for the first time. This mission comes after several delays and setbacks in the development of the spacecraft, making it a highly anticipated event in the world of space exploration.

Boeing’s Starliner has faced a series of delays since its first uncrewed test flight in 2019, which ended in failure. However, the spacecraft later successfully docked at the International Space Station in 2022. The first crewed flight of Starliner was initially scheduled for May last year but was postponed due to technical issues.

The launch of Starliner is scheduled to take place at 10:34PM ET from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. Viewers can watch the event live on NASA’s YouTube channel. The United Launch Alliance’s Atlas V rocket will propel the spacecraft to space, where it will dock at the ISS for a week.

During their time on board, flight commander Butch Wilmore and pilot Suni Williams will conduct tests to evaluate Starliner’s capabilities, including launching, docking, and its eventual return to Earth. This mission is crucial in determining the spacecraft’s readiness to ferry NASA astronauts between Earth and the ISS.

The Commercial Crew Program

Boeing built the Starliner as part of its $4.2 billion contract with NASA under the agency’s Commercial Crew Program. This program aims to encourage the development of new spacecraft by private companies for transporting astronauts to space. If the mission is successful, NASA will certify Starliner, positioning it as a potential rival to SpaceX in the realm of space travel.

NASA’s mission to send astronauts to space aboard Boeing’s Starliner aircraft marks a significant milestone in the development of space exploration technology. The success of this mission could open up new possibilities for commercial space travel and establish Starliner as a key player in the aerospace industry.


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