Developer 10:10 Games and Funko Inc. have recently unveiled a sneak peek of their latest project, Funko Fusion. This upcoming third-person adventure game is set to hit the Nintendo Switch on 13th September. The game will feature popular franchises such as Jurassic World, Back to the Future, The Thing, and even Hot Fuzz. While some of these choices may be unexpected (Chucky, really?), the game aims to encompass a wide range of characters and universes, much like “LEGO Dimensions but Funko”.

Exploring the Gameplay

Funko Fusion promises to deliver over 60 playable characters, all designed in the iconic Funko Pop! big-head style. Players will have the opportunity to interact with characters from more than 20 different franchises as they navigate through familiar settings in pursuit of a mysterious villain. While details of the storyline are still scarce, it is evident that the game will focus on delivering a narrative-driven experience with an unexpected twist of gore – a departure from the typical family-friendly LEGO games.

The game showcases various screenshots that provide a glimpse into the diverse range of fandoms included in Funko Fusion. From action-packed scenes to moments of suspense, the game appears to cater to fans of different genres. Additionally, the trailer teases pre-order bonuses, with early adopters gaining access to The Walking Dead Pack. This bonus content features popular characters like Rick Grimes and Michonne as playable characters, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans.

As Funko Fusion prepares for its release on the Nintendo Switch, the gaming community is buzzing with anticipation. The game’s unique blend of characters and storylines from beloved franchises sets it apart as a promising addition to the adventure game genre. Whether you’re a fan of Jurassic World, Back to the Future, or any other included franchise, Funko Fusion offers a fresh and innovative gaming experience. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure with Funko Fusion.


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