30+ independent studios are banding together to create a unique showcase for their games. The Triple-I Initiative is set to debut this April, bringing together studios such as Mega Crit Games, Red Hook Studios, Heart Machine, and Evil Empire to unveil their upcoming projects. This collaborative effort was spearheaded by Evil Empire, who initially approached many studios during last year’s Gamescom to pitch the idea of a collective showcase. According to Evil Empire COO Benjamin Laulan, the goal of the showcase is to provide players with a direct line to the developers, bypassing hosting segments, advertisements, sponsorships, and other distractions to focus solely on the games themselves.

In an interview with Evil Empire’s marketing director Bérenger Dupré and other studio representatives, the decision to create a new showcase instead of participating in existing virtual presentations was discussed. Dupré emphasized that the timing and opportunity to announce new games played a significant role in the decision, as well as the desire to experiment with visibility and marketing strategies. Red Hook co-founder Chris Bourassa noted that achieving long-term success in the industry requires innovative ways of reaching players and selling games, rather than relying on chance or external showcases. The sense of control and autonomy over their showcase’s content and timing was a key factor in the studios’ decision to launch the Triple-I Initiative.

The Triple-I Initiative aims to fill a gap in the showcase landscape by highlighting games that fall into an in-between space not covered by existing presentations. The term “indie” has a loose definition in the industry, with varying opinions on what constitutes an independent game. The concept of “triple-I” games emerged as a way to categorize titles that are larger in scope and recognition than traditional indie games but lack the resources and scale of triple-A titles. By adding a few extra “I’s” to the indie label, the creators sought to create a distinct identity for these games and the showcase itself.

The studios participating in the Triple-I Initiative emphasize the diversity and uniqueness of their projects, ranging from passion-fueled endeavors to experimental creations free from constraints. The label of “triple-I” does not intend to exclude or pigeonhole games but rather to offer a platform for showcasing projects that might not fit into traditional showcases. Each studio brings a different perspective and approach to game development, contributing to a rich and varied lineup of games for the audience to discover.

While specific details about the games featured in the showcase remain under wraps, the studios promise impactful and noteworthy announcements that will wow viewers. The emphasis is on showcasing projects driven by passion and creativity rather than the latest graphics or big-budget productions. Fans can look forward to a diverse range of games that reflect the independent spirit of the developers involved. The Triple-I Initiative is scheduled to premiere on April 10, promising an immersive and engaging experience for players eager to explore the world of independent games.


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