Capcom has recently revealed plans to make significant adjustments to the Dragonsplague afflictions in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This decision comes as a response to player feedback regarding the difficulty of managing Dragonsplague within the game. According to a post on Twitter / X by the studio, the upcoming major update for the game will focus on reducing the frequency of Dragonsplague infections and making the signs of Pawns infected with Dragonsplague more noticeable.

Players can expect a more manageable experience when dealing with infected Pawns in the game. The update will include enhancements such as glowing eyes that are more visible on infected Pawns, making it easier for players to identify and address the issue before it escalates. This change will provide relief to those who have been cautious about recruiting other player’s Pawns due to the risk of infection.

While the update aims to alleviate some of the challenges associated with Dragonsplague, players will still need to take action when encountering infected Pawns. Failure to address their condition promptly can result in catastrophic consequences, including the deaths of nearby NPCs. Players will have the option to dismiss the infected Pawn, allow them to perish in battle, or take more extreme measures to prevent the spread of Dragonsplague.

In addition to addressing Dragonsplague afflictions, the upcoming patch for Dragon’s Dogma 2 will introduce new features, such as the ability to zoom in on Arisen and Pawn faces. The update will also fix various issues related to the game’s mini-map, escort quests, and jail mechanics. Furthermore, improvements to Pawn behavior and dialogue will make them more intelligent and decrease the likelihood of them dying in foolish ways.

Capcom has announced that the new game update is scheduled to launch for both PC and consoles in April 2024. However, the exact release date has not been finalized, as the developers are continuing to work on fine-tuning the tweaks and fixes. Players are encouraged to stay tuned for further updates and announcements regarding the upcoming changes to Dragon’s Dogma 2.


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