A recent exchange between CD Projekt Red and Ubisoft executives has gained attention in the gaming community. The two publishers have taken different approaches in labeling their games, with CD Projekt Red poking fun at Ubisoft’s failed attempt to market Skull and Bones as a “AAAA” game.

The AAA label has long been used in the gaming industry to denote blockbuster titles created by large companies with high production budgets. However, the label itself has often been criticized as being more about marketing than actual quality. While it may give players a sense of the scale of the game’s development, it does not necessarily guarantee a great gaming experience.

During a financial Q&A session, CD Projekt Red’s VP of Investor Relations, Karolina Gnaś, jokingly responded to a question about Ubisoft’s “AAAA” announcement by stating that their next game would be “AAAAA”. This lighthearted response highlights the competitive nature of the gaming industry and the increasing focus on high-budget titles.

With the announcement of Skull and Bones as a “AAAA” game by Ubisoft, the industry is now seeing the concept of AAAAA games being introduced. CD Projekt Red’s tease of an AAAAA game with The Witcher 4 and a Cyberpunk sequel raises the question of who will follow suit and develop the first AAAAAA game. The competition among developers to create the most high-budget and ambitious games is on the rise, leading to what some are calling the AAA Arms Race.

In addition to the playful banter between CD Projekt Red and Ubisoft, fans of The Witcher series were also given a glimpse into the future of the franchise. The upcoming game, The Witcher 4, is said to introduce new gameplay elements and mechanics not seen in the original trilogy. While details about the game are still scarce, it is clear that CD Projekt Red is continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of the RPG genre.

The exchange between CD Projekt Red and Ubisoft serves as a reminder of the competitive nature of the gaming industry and the desire to create groundbreaking and innovative games. As the concept of AAAAA games becomes more prominent, players can expect to see even more ambitious titles in the future.


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