Alan Moore, famous for his iconic graphic novels, has also delved into prose writing with works like the epic three-volume novel, Jerusalem. This novel, spanning over 1,200 pages, combines elements of Moore’s childhood in Northampton, England, with themes of occultism, mythology, and theoretical physics. While the paperback collection typically retails for $35, it is currently available on Amazon for just $10, plus $4 shipping. An alternate option includes purchasing it directly from Amazon for $18 with free Prime shipping, making it a steal for fans of Moore’s prose works. Other prose novels by Moore, such as Illuminations: Stories and Voice of the Fire, are also on sale on Amazon, providing readers with an opportunity to explore his writing beyond the realm of graphic novels.

Discounts on Alan Moore’s Graphic Novels

In addition to his prose works, Alan Moore’s celebrated graphic novels are also on sale at discounted prices. Fans can snag deals on popular titles like Watchmen and V For Vendetta, with the Watchmen Collector’s edition available for just $60 (originally $125) and a V For Vendetta bundle, complete with a collectible V mask and the paperback edition of the comic, discounted to $26 (from $35). Other graphic novels by Moore, including From Hell and Batman: The Killing Joke, are also listed with reduced prices. For collectors looking to expand their Watchmen collection, a new budget-friendly edition of the graphic novel will be released as part of DC’s Compact Comics series, available for pre-order at only $10. This convenient paperback version will be compact enough to carry in your back pocket, providing a fresh way to experience Moore’s seminal work.

Whether you’re a fan of Alan Moore’s prose novels or graphic novels, now is the perfect time to explore his diverse body of work with significant discounts on Amazon. From the epic novel Jerusalem to iconic graphic novels like Watchmen and V For Vendetta, there are plenty of opportunities to delve into Moore’s captivating storytelling at a fraction of the usual cost. Don’t miss out on these incredible deals and immerse yourself in the imaginative world of one of the most influential creators in the comic book industry.


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