Recent rumors circulating about Pedro Pascal finishing filming his scenes for HBO’s The Last of Us Season 2 have been debunked. Despite initial reports suggesting that Pascal had wrapped up his filming, HBO’s spokesperson has clarified that these reports are inaccurate.

The Last of Us Season 2 is anticipated to delve into some of the events from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Part II video game. A pivotal moment in the game involves the brutal murder of Joel, which triggers Ellie’s quest for revenge. Speculation arose when rumors surfaced claiming Pascal’s scenes were completed, leading some to believe that the critical scene of Joel’s death may have already been filmed.

While the TV series will not directly mirror the game’s storyline, it is widely anticipated that Joel’s death will be depicted, considering its significant impact on the narrative. Writer Craig Mazin has hinted at incorporating elements not present in the game, suggesting a fresh take on the original storyline. Mazin has also hinted at Season 2 potentially causing fan uproar, hinting at controversial aspects to come.

In the game, Joel meets his demise at the hands of Abby, seeking revenge for her father’s death in the first game. The character of Abby, portrayed by Laura Bailey in the game, faced severe backlash, with Bailey receiving death threats over her character’s actions. Kaitlyn Dever is set to take on the role of Abby in the TV adaptation.

For a comprehensive overview of The Last of Us Season 2, set to premiere in 2025, fans can explore GameSpot’s detailed rundown. With promises of new elements and engaging storylines, viewers can expect a riveting and controversial journey through the highly anticipated second season of The Last of Us.


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