Baldur’s Gate 3 emerged victorious at the BAFTA Game Awards, sweeping awards for Best Game, Best Music, and Best Narrative, as well as the prestigious Players’ Choice award. Michael Douse, the CRPG’s publishing director, expressed his gratitude for the Players’ Choice win, stating that it signifies that developers are not dispensable assets. Douse emphasized the importance of recognition from players, highlighting that they are ultimately the audience that understands the game the most.

The Dedicated Team at Larian Studios

Douse praised the dedicated team at Larian Studios, acknowledging their hard work and passion for creating outstanding games. Despite the impossibility of fitting every team member on stage during the ceremony, Douse commended their ambition and drive. He emphasized the value of retaining developers and their institutional knowledge, stating that they are crucial in the creation of great games.

Douse’s words hold significance in an industry facing challenges such as layoffs, crunch culture, and burnout. With widespread studio layoffs and concerns about overworking developers, Douse’s message to cherish and support developers resonates strongly. The recognition of developers’ efforts and dedication is essential in creating a sustainable and successful gaming industry.

Baldur’s Gate 3 made history by winning the Best Game award at the BAFTA Game Awards, becoming the first game to achieve all five major Game of the Year awards since The Game Awards inception. This remarkable achievement underscores the critical acclaim and widespread recognition the CRPG has garnered.

Baldur’s Gate 3’s success at the BAFTA Game Awards highlights the importance of valuing developers and their contributions to the gaming industry. Through recognition from both players and peers, the game has set a new standard for excellence and dedication in game development. As the industry continues to evolve, it is imperative to uphold and support the talents behind the games that bring joy and entertainment to millions of players worldwide.


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