Alan Wake 2’s Night Springs DLC presents players with a series of relatively linear story episodes, each containing its own set of challenges. One particularly difficult puzzle is found in Jesse Faden’s North Star chapter, where players must navigate the Coffee World amusement park and uncover the secrets behind a coffee that has the power to reshape minds.

As players progress through the adventure, they will encounter a puzzle that requires them to determine the optimal roasting temperature for Dark Triangle’s coffee blend. This puzzle is crucial for advancing into the coffee cult’s headquarters, making it a key obstacle to overcome.

To solve the roasting temperature puzzle, players must carefully analyze three posters found in the Roasting Bar. Each poster provides a different clue that, when combined, reveals the solution to the puzzle.

The first poster states “More Than A Sum Of Its Parts” and features a triangle logo. The text below mentions the word “angle” in red, hinting at the importance of angles in determining the optimal roasting temperature. By deducing that the temperature must be greater than 180 degrees, players can narrow down their options.

The second poster reads “The Secret Is In The Roast” and provides additional clues: “The first digit is half of the second, and the third digit is one less than the one before.” This information helps players determine the possible digit combinations for the temperature, further narrowing down the solution.

The final poster confirms that the optimal roasting number is below 500 degrees and emphasizes the words “prime” and “number.” By considering these clues and the set interrelation between the digits, players can ultimately arrive at the correct solution: 487.

While the process of analyzing the posters provides a comprehensive method for solving the puzzle, there is also a quicker way to reach the solution. By focusing on the final poster’s reference to Planet X-13 and the 500 light years between Earth and the planet, players can deduce that the number 500 corresponds to X. Subtracting 13 from X leads to the solution: 487.

The roasting temperature puzzle in Alan Wake 2’s Night Springs DLC offers players a challenging yet rewarding experience. By carefully analyzing the clues provided in the posters and thinking outside the box, players can successfully navigate this obstacle and gain access to the Dark Triangle headquarters. Whether taking a logical approach or finding a quicker solution, mastering this puzzle adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay experience.


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