Instruments of Destruction offers a unique gaming experience that doesn’t waste time with unnecessary explanations. The game’s launch trailer sets the tone with a clear directive: “Take this vehicle, destroy those buildings. Do I really need to explain why?” This smashing simulator, created by Luke Schneider and his team, brings a refreshing twist to the genre.

Unlike other demolition games, Instruments of Destruction puts you in control of a variety of powerful machinery right from the start. From wrecking balls to rocket-powered diggers, the game offers a range of prototype vehicles to test across different levels. Each level is set on an island where your main goal is to destroy buildings, with optional objectives adding an extra layer of challenge.

Features and Depth

While the game may seem like casual fun at first glance, Instruments of Destruction promises depth with hidden bonus objectives, high score tables, and the ability to construct your own vehicles. With around 50 missions to complete, there is plenty of content to explore. However, the game’s structure suggests it is designed for short, immersive bursts rather than extended gameplay sessions.

Instruments of Destruction offers a unique take on the demolition genre with its fast-paced gameplay and engaging mechanics. While it may not be a game to play for hours on end, its accessibility and creative chaos make it a title worth keeping installed for those moments when you feel like letting loose and causing some destruction. You can find Instruments of Destruction on Steam for £13.16/€14.27/$17.

Instruments of Destruction is a breath of fresh air in the gaming world, offering a light-hearted yet engaging experience for players looking to unleash their inner wrecking ball. With a focus on fun and creativity, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment for those who appreciate a good dose of controlled chaos.


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