Lykke Studios surprised gamers during the Nintendo Indie World showcase by announcing the availability of Stitch on the Nintendo eShop. Previously, Stitch was an exclusive game on Apple Arcade, but now it can be enjoyed by Nintendo Switch users for just $15. This transition opens up a new world of gaming experience for players who may not have access to Apple Arcade.

Stitch is not your typical puzzle game. It revolves around the unique central mechanic of embroidery, where players must fill gaps and areas in levels to complete Hoops. By stitching together landscapes, plants, animals, and objects, players engage in a creative and immersive way of problem-solving. The game offers a refreshing take on puzzle challenges, making it stand out from the crowd of traditional puzzle games.

One of the key features of Stitch is its daily and weekly challenges. The daily challenges involve shikaku puzzles, where players have to divide a grid into rectangular and square pieces, with each piece containing exactly one number that represents the area of the rectangle. These daily challenges provide a steady stream of engaging content for players to test their skills.

Additionally, the weekly challenges known as Hoops offer limited edition content that players can solve within a seven-day timeframe. Some of the weekly Hoops themes are inspired by famous international events, adding a cultural and thematic layer to the gameplay experience. These weekly challenges keep the game dynamic and fresh, offering new content for players to explore regularly.

Stitch is not the only game making the leap from Apple Arcade to other platforms. TMNT: Splintered Fate, a roguelike take on the popular franchise, is set to release on the Nintendo Switch in July. Furthermore, Fantasian, a game by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, hinted at a potential release outside of Apple Arcade with a SteamDB listing last year. This trend indicates that more games from Apple’s gaming service may find their way to a wider audience in the future.

Stitch on the Nintendo Switch offers a fresh and creative gaming experience that combines embroidery mechanics with intricate puzzle challenges. With its daily and weekly challenges, the game provides a diverse range of content for players to enjoy. As more games make the transition from Apple Arcade to other platforms, gamers can look forward to discovering new and exciting titles that were previously exclusive to the Apple ecosystem.


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