Upon delving into the Ultimania novel for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, it becomes apparent that the novel fails to provide any concrete answers or hints regarding the lingering mystery of the game’s ending. The novel leaves readers disappointed in its inability to offer closure on the events that transpired in the game, particularly concerning the fate of the character Aerith. This lack of resolution may leave fans feeling unsatisfied and longing for more clarity on the narrative.

One of the key points of contention in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the ambiguity surrounding Aerith’s fate. While the game stays faithful to the original by depicting Sephiroth skewering Aerith, there is a twist in which Aerith continues to appear in the boss fight and subsequent cutscenes. The novel presents this ambiguity as Cloud’s ability to see Aerith, while the rest of the party cannot. This discrepancy in perception leads to various interpretations, such as Cloud seeing a version of Aerith from a different dimension or simply refusing to accept reality. The lack of clarity surrounding Aerith’s fate adds to the complexity of the story and leaves fans puzzled.

Despite acknowledging the mystery surrounding Aerith’s fate, the Ultimania novel fails to provide a definitive answer. The novel raises the question of whether Aerith is dead or alive, but leaves readers with no clear resolution. This lack of closure may leave fans feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with the final explanation offered in the novel. The ambiguity surrounding Aerith’s fate lingers, adding to the overall confusion surrounding the game’s ending.

The Ultimania novel likely fuels speculation and theories among fans regarding Aerith’s fate and its significance for future installments of the game. While the novel does not provide a concrete answer, it encourages readers to engage in discussions and theorizing about the events of the game. This open-ended approach may lead to a deeper appreciation of the narrative and characters, as fans dissect and analyze the story from various perspectives. The lack of resolution in the novel may serve as a catalyst for further exploration and interpretation of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s complex storyline.

The Ultimania novel for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth falls short in providing a satisfactory resolution to the lingering mysteries of the game’s ending. The ambiguity surrounding Aerith’s fate and the lack of clarity in the novel leave fans with more questions than answers. While the novel may prompt speculation and theories among fans, it ultimately fails to offer a definitive explanation for the events of the game. As fans continue to dissect and analyze the narrative, the lack of closure in the novel may leave them feeling unsatisfied and longing for a more concrete resolution.


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