The ongoing Major Order in Helldivers 2, to liberate Tibit, has put the community in a challenging position. Players were faced with the decision to defend planet Draupnir or quickly liberate Ubanea. Unfortunately, the choice to focus on Ubanea instead of securing Draupnir resulted in a significant loss for the Helldivers. This decision highlights the importance of strategic thinking and prioritizing objectives in a war scenario.

High Command’s Blame Game

High Command’s statement, which was posted on the game’s subreddit, pointed fingers at distracted divers for the failed mission. The lack of concentration of troops and indecision in the initial hours led to the downfall of Ubanea, despite being at 95% liberation. This failure emphasizes the need for clear communication, coordination, and effective leadership within the community.

The allocation of troops to different fronts, such as Malevelon Creek, was criticized by High Command. The stalemate at Malevelon Creek, with 25% of forces committed to its defense, raised concerns about the inability to focus on more critical objectives like Draupnir, Ubanea, and ultimately Tibit. This analysis underscores the importance of efficient resource management and the impact of strategic decisions on the overall war effort.

Role of Developer Communication

Some players on the subreddit shifted the blame to developer Arrowhead for not clearly outlining supply lines in-game. The lack of visibility regarding the connection between planets and the efficient route to Tibit caused confusion among players. While a fan-made website offered this crucial information, the game itself failed to provide clear guidance, leading to suboptimal decision-making by the community.

The failed Major Order in Helldivers 2 serves as a valuable lesson in strategic planning, coordination, and communication within the gaming community. The repercussions of distracted divers, misplaced priorities, and inadequate troop allocation highlight the need for improved decision-making processes and a unified approach to achieving common objectives. As the war effort continues, it is essential for players to learn from past mistakes, adapt strategies accordingly, and work together effectively to overcome future challenges and achieve victory for Super Earth.


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