Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, recently made a decision to release Doom: The Dark Ages on PS5 despite the recent trend of Xbox exclusives. This decision came as a surprise to many, especially considering the company’s focus on creating exclusives for the Xbox platform. Spencer justified this move by stating that Doom is a franchise that everyone deserves to play. While this statement may seem noble on the surface, it raises questions about the consistency of Xbox’s exclusivity strategy.

The decision to release Doom: The Dark Ages on PS5 contradicts Xbox’s recent strategy of securing exclusivity for its games. We have seen titles like Starfield and Redfall being announced as Xbox exclusives, with no plans for multi-console releases. It is puzzling to see Xbox make an exception for Doom, especially when considering the company’s previous actions.

Phil Spencer’s emphasis on Doom’s legacy as a reason for its multi-console release is somewhat problematic. While it is true that Doom has a long history on multiple platforms, the same can be said for other popular franchises like The Elder Scrolls. If Xbox were to base its decisions on legacy alone, it would have to make all its titles available on various platforms, which goes against the exclusivity model that the company has been promoting.

Releasing Doom: The Dark Ages on PS5 could potentially harm Xbox’s brand image as a platform with exclusive content. By making exceptions for certain titles, Xbox risks diluting the value of its exclusives and confusing consumers about its overall strategy. This move could also impact the perception of Xbox as a competitor to Sony’s PlayStation, which has a strong lineup of exclusive titles.

Phil Spencer’s decision to release Doom: The Dark Ages on PS5 raises important questions about Xbox’s exclusivity strategy and brand image. While the idea of making popular franchises accessible to a wider audience is commendable, it is essential for Xbox to maintain consistency in its approach to exclusivity. By prioritizing legacy over exclusivity, Xbox risks undermining its own platform and confusing consumers. It remains to be seen how this decision will impact Xbox’s future releases and its standing in the gaming industry.


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