The Delta emulator, which recently gained popularity on the Apple App Store, is now set to release an iPad-specific version with the upcoming Delta version 1.6. Developer Riley Testut has announced that the app is already available for his Patreon supporters through the regular AltStore, indicating that a native version for iPad is near completion. This version will allow users to take advantage of the full iPad screen real estate for better skins, including one that mimics the Nintendo DS Lite.

With the release of the iPadOS native version of Delta, Testut plans to introduce support for iPad Split View. This feature will enhance the user experience by enabling multitasking capabilities on the iPad. Additionally, the developer aims to implement “device-to-device multiplayer” functionality, allowing users to play with others on their own devices. This significant upgrade will enhance the social aspect of gaming on the Delta emulator.

In a promising development, Testut has also hinted at the addition of Sega Genesis emulation to the Delta emulator. This feature is currently in beta testing and is expected to be rolled out after the release of the iPad version of the app. The inclusion of Sega Genesis emulation will broaden the range of games available on the emulator, catering to a wider audience of retro gaming enthusiasts.

As a tech journalist who has been following the development of the Delta emulator, I am eagerly anticipating the release of the iPad version of the app. The upcoming enhancements, including iPad Split View and device-to-device multiplayer support, indicate a more immersive and interactive gaming experience for users. The addition of Sega Genesis emulation further adds to the excitement surrounding the future updates for the Delta emulator.


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