The world of social media is constantly evolving, and with the recent introduction of a beta feature by Meta’s Threads, users from the US, Canada, or Japan now have the opportunity to cross-post and view likes from Mastodon and other federated social networks. This new function opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for users looking to expand their reach and connect with a wider audience.

Enabling Fediverse sharing on Threads is a relatively simple process that can be done either through the mobile app or the web version. On the mobile app, users need to tap on their profile icon in the lower right corner, then tap on the two lines in the upper right corner, and select Account > Fediverse sharing. On the web version, users should tap on the two lines in the upper right corner, then select Settings > the Account tab > Fediverse sharing. Once this feature is enabled, users will be guided through a series of screens explaining what the fediverse is, how sharing works, and the implications of sharing their posts on other servers.

However, with this new functionality come certain implications and concerns. It’s important to note that Threads has limited control over the fate of your posts once they are shared on other servers. While Meta can request the removal of a post from another server, they cannot delete older posts. Additionally, users should be aware that their posts can be shared by users on other servers with whomever they like. This raises questions about privacy and security, especially in terms of preventing bad actors from misusing the feature.

Despite these concerns, the ability to cross-post to the fediverse presents several potential benefits. According to Meta, users will be able to expand their reach and connect with individuals using different servers in the fediverse. This opens up opportunities for increased engagement and interaction across platforms. Additionally, the feature has the potential to create a more comprehensive social networking experience, bridging the gap between different networks and allowing for seamless communication.

The introduction of cross-posting to the fediverse is a significant development in the world of social media. While there are still concerns regarding privacy and security, the potential benefits of this feature are vast. By enabling users to connect with a broader audience and engage with different communities, Meta’s Threads are paving the way for a more integrated and dynamic social networking experience. Only time will tell how this feature will evolve and whether it will become a staple in the social media landscape.


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