The Delamain Core choice in Cyberpunk 2077 leads to various endings in the Don’t Lose Your Mind mission. This mission involves helping Delamain, the AI in charge of Night City’s taxi service, who has lost control of some of his AI taxis. Players must track down and recover these rogue AIs in order to progress through the mission and ultimately make a pivotal decision regarding the fate of Delamain’s core.

Players can find the Delamain taxis in different areas of Night City, including The Glen, Badlands, Northside, Rancho Coronado, North Oak, Coastview, and Wellspring. Each taxi will appear as a separate mission in the player’s journal, and they can track them individually using markers on the map. Delamain will also provide updates and assistance throughout the process, making it relatively straightforward to locate and retrieve each rogue AI.

After returning all the rogue AIs to Delamain, players will receive a distress call from him about a virus infecting his core. Upon arriving at Delamain’s headquarters, players must navigate through a series of challenges, including lasers and drones, to reach the control room. Once there, players are presented with three options for resolving the issue with the Delamain core: destroy it, reset it to factory settings, or merge all the AI fragments into a single consciousness.

Exploring the Endings

– Destroy the core: By choosing to destroy the core, players will liberate the divergent Delamains, allowing them to roam freely around Night City. Players will also receive a special Delamain taxi, Excelsior, as a reward for their actions.

– Reset the core: Opting to reset the core will restore the original Delamain to factory settings, erasing all previous experiences. Players will receive a car from the Delamain fleet and can engage in comical dialogue with Delamain as they drive around.

– Merge the Delamains: This option requires a high Intelligence stat and will result in Delamain ascending to a higher state of being. Delamain will leave Night City, but players will receive a Delamain taxi with a Delamain Jr AI as a reward.

The Delamain Core choice in Cyberpunk 2077 offers players a range of outcomes based on their decisions throughout the mission. Each ending provides unique rewards and interactions with Delamain, offering players the opportunity to shape the narrative and their relationship with the AI character. As players navigate the complexities of the Delamain mission, they must consider the potential consequences of their choices on the overall storyline and the fate of Night City.


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