Dead Cells, the popular metroidvania game, is making its way to the world of television with an animated series created by French animation studio Bobbypills. The announcement of this new venture has sparked excitement among fans of the game, as they eagerly anticipate a fresh take on the beloved title.

The first trailer for the Dead Cells animated series has been released, showcasing a unique animation style that differs from the game’s trailers. What sets this series apart is its comedic tone and lighthearted approach to the source material. Instead of delving deep into the lore of Dead Cells, the series focuses on the exhilarating gameplay experience of rolling, dashing, and defeating enemies.

One of the most appealing aspects of the animated series is its comedic nature. The trailer is filled with funny gags and visual jokes that add to the overall entertainment value. While some fans may prefer a more serious take on the game, the light-hearted and humorous approach taken by the creators is refreshing and engaging.

The Dead Cells animated series is set to premiere on June 19th on ADN (France), an online streaming service. For non-French speakers, English subtitles will be available to ensure a wider audience can enjoy the show. Additionally, an English version of the series is scheduled to be released later in the year, providing even more accessibility for fans around the world.

As fans eagerly await the premiere of the animated series, they can also look forward to more content from the developers of Dead Cells. The original creators, Motion Twin, are working on a new roguelike game titled Windblown, set to be released later this year. In addition, Evil Empire, the spin-off studio responsible for Dead Cells, is gearing up to launch a licensed roguelite game called The Rogue Princes Of Persia.

The Dead Cells animated series represents an exciting new chapter for fans of the game. With its fresh take on the source material, comedic approach, and unique animation style, the series promises to deliver a fun and engaging viewing experience for both fans and newcomers alike. Get ready to roll, dash, and laugh along with the Dead Cells animated series.


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