Epic Games Store has big plans for 2024, focusing on enhancing the overall user experience. From a new download manager to a proper offline mode, the store aims to provide more control and convenience to its users. The download manager will allow users to schedule downloads, control update timings, and adjust the queue, making the process more user-friendly. Moreover, the offline mode will offer the flexibility to switch to an offline state intentionally, catering to users with varying connectivity needs.

One of the key highlights of Epic’s 2024 roadmap is the emphasis on game discovery. With the addition of new social improvements and dynamic bundles, users can expect a more engaging and personalized experience. The store also plans to introduce support for subscription-based games, opening up new avenues for users to explore and enjoy a wide range of titles. By focusing on game discovery, Epic aims to make it easier for users to find and enjoy the games that suit their preferences.

Looking back at 2023, Epic Games Store experienced significant growth in terms of user base and overall spending. The number of PC users on the platform increased from 230 million to over 270 million, showcasing a steady rise in popularity. However, the spending on third-party PC games saw a decline of 13%, indicating a shift in consumer behavior. Despite the release of 1300 new games, spending on third-party titles decreased from $355 million to $310 million.

Fortnite Dominance vs. Store Health

While Epic’s own games like Fortnite continue to drive success and growth for the platform, the performance of third-party games presents a more complex picture. The Epic Games Store’s overall health seems to be a mixed bag, with successes in some areas overshadowed by challenges in others. As Epic gears up for 2024, striking a balance between promoting its own games and supporting third-party developers will be crucial for sustaining long-term success.

Epic Games Store’s future plans for 2024 promise exciting developments aimed at enhancing user experience and game discovery. By prioritizing features like the download manager, offline mode, and social improvements, the store aims to cater to the diverse needs of its growing user base. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Epic’s focus on innovation and user-centric design will be essential for staying ahead of the curve.


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