Since the release of the new and impressively thin iPad Pro by Apple, there has been a buzz surrounding the durability of this sleek device. Various tech enthusiasts and reviewers have been putting the tablet through rigorous tests to see just how sturdy it is. One such individual, Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything, recently posted a detailed 11-minute video dissecting the iPad Pro, shedding light on its build quality and robustness.

In the video, Nelson dives deep into the iPad Pro, showcasing its new OLED screen, dissecting the new Pencil Pro, and even dismantling the components of the Magic Keyboard. Throughout the test, viewers witness the tablet being scratched, bent, and pushed to its limits. While it holds up surprisingly well to horizontal bending, vertical bends prove to be more challenging, with the Pro cracking near the charging port – a notable weak point in its structure.

When compared to previous iPad models, particularly the first-generation iPad Pro, the latest iteration fares significantly better in terms of durability. Nelson’s earlier tests revealed that older models were prone to bending easily, with structural weaknesses leading to compromised integrity. However, the new iPad Pro showcases improved resilience, showcasing advancements in design and materials used to enhance durability.

Other tech reviewers have also conducted similar tests on the new iPad Pro, with most highlighting the charging port as a vulnerable area. Despite this, the consensus seems to be that the device is better equipped to withstand daily wear and tear compared to its predecessors. While no gadget is indestructible, the latest iPad Pro emerges as a resilient device capable of withstanding normal usage scenarios.

For potential buyers concerned about the durability of the iPad Pro, the overall feedback from testers suggests that the device is built to last. Apple’s focus on structural integrity and robust design elements shines through in the latest model, providing users with a reliable and sturdy tablet. While extreme conditions may still pose a threat to any electronic device, the new iPad Pro appears to be a safe bet for those looking for a blend of style and durability in their tech gadgets.


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