A passionate Helldivers 2 player known as ‘ThePengu’ has once again showcased their creative genius by imagining a new underground mission for the game. After receiving praise for their Assault mode concept, ThePengu has now theorized a thrilling mission set beneath the surface.

The Underground Mission Concept

In this proposed underground mission, two Helldivers are tasked with carrying a payload deep into a Terminid nest to a specific “detonation point.” The mission involves intense teamwork and strategic gameplay as the two players carrying the payload are limited to using only sidearms. This limitation creates a sense of vulnerability and challenge, reminiscent of carrying a hard drive in the game.

The underground environment presents new gameplay challenges, as traditional orbital Stratagems like Supply Drops and Orbital Strikes are unavailable. This limitation forces players to rely on their team composition and coordination to overcome obstacles and defend the payload. The cavern is designed to accommodate all four players at once, ensuring a cooperative experience.

Upon reaching the detonation point, the Helldivers must quickly extract from the underground location within a two-minute timeframe. However, escape is optional, adding an element of risk versus reward to the mission’s success. The underground portion is designed to be engaging but not overly prolonged, ensuring a balanced gameplay experience.

While underground maps for Helldivers 2 were initially considered by developers, they were ultimately deemed too complex to implement due to the significant gameplay differences. ThePengu’s creation of a partially underground mission could serve as a solution to this challenge, offering a taste of unique underground gameplay without overwhelming development resources.

ThePengu’s imaginative concept for an underground mission in Helldivers 2 showcases the potential for innovative and engaging gameplay experiences within the game. By introducing new challenges, limitations, and objectives, this concept adds depth and excitement to the gameplay, offering players a fresh and exhilarating way to experience Helldivers 2. As the Helldivers community continues to thrive, creative contributions like ThePengu’s underground mission concept enrich the gaming experience and inspire new possibilities for the future of the game.


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