Devolver Digital is known for its unconventional approach to presenting new games, and this year’s showcase at Summer Game Fest 2024 was no exception. Instead of a long list of titles, the publisher focused on just a handful of interesting indie games that promise to offer unique experiences for players.

One of the standout games featured in the showcase was Possessor, a side-scrolling action game from the creators of Solar Ash and the Hyper Light games. The game follows the story of Luca and Rehm as they navigate a quarantined city ravaged by an interdimensional catastrophe. Players must learn to coexist with their less-than-cooperative counterpart in order to survive the challenges ahead. With its gorgeous visuals and challenging gameplay, Possessor is definitely a game to watch out for.

Another intriguing game unveiled at the showcase was Tenjutsu, the first release from Deepnight Games. Players take on the role of a renegade yakuza navigating the criminal underworld in this fast-paced action game. With its mix of pixel art visuals and retro aesthetic, Tenjutsu promises to deliver a unique gaming experience when it releases in 202X.

Kick & Sneak is a first-person shooter with a twist – players must also do a lot of kicking and collect sneakers along the way. Developed by Free Lives, the studio behind Broforce and Cricket Through the Ages, this summer release is expected to be both silly and violent. With its unique gameplay mechanics, Kick & Sneak is sure to offer a refreshing take on the traditional shooter genre.

The Crush House introduces an intriguing concept for a strategy game, putting players in the role of producing a reality TV show set in 1999. However, there is a darker side to the game as players can explore the house at night to uncover mysteries beyond the facade of cast gossip. Developed by Nerial, known for the Reigns series, The Crush House promises to offer a compelling blend of strategy and mystery.

In addition to new game reveals, Devolver also announced upcoming expansions for two of its popular titles. Cult of the Lamb will be receiving its Unholy Alliance expansion on August 12th, introducing new quests, gear, and a co-op mode for players to enjoy. Meanwhile, The Talos Principle 2 will be getting its Road to Elysium expansion on June 14th, offering new challenges and chapters for fans of the cerebral puzzler.

Overall, Devolver Digital’s showcase at Summer Game Fest 2024 was a refreshing departure from the traditional game reveals, offering a glimpse into the diverse and innovative indie games coming to the market. With a mix of action, strategy, and quirky gameplay mechanics, these new titles are sure to captivate players looking for unique gaming experiences.


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