As we approach the spring season, it’s the perfect time to take your fitness routine outdoors. Walmart is currently offering a great deal on the LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 8, priced at $299.99 ($200 off) in select colors with a small/medium-sized band. While the Series 8 may not have all the latest features of the Series 9, it still boasts essential health and fitness metrics like EKGs, menstrual cycle tracking, irregular heartbeat alerts, fall detection, and emergency calling. Additionally, the Series 8 sports the same large, always-on display as the Series 9, making it a reliable option for staying active and healthy.

For those looking to upgrade their homes with smart features, Meross smart plugs offer a cost-effective solution. By clipping the on-page coupon on Amazon, you can get a pair of the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Plug Minis for just $18.99 ($10 off), or opt for the four-pack with Apple Home support for $29.99 ($23 off). If you prefer Matter support, the Meross Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini is available for $11.99 ($6 off) for a single plug or $20.99 ($14 off) for a two-pack. These simple plugs can add smart functionality to various devices in your home, allowing you to control them via your smartphone or voice assistant. With support for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Home, these plugs offer convenience and versatility at an affordable price.

Creatives and iPad users can benefit from the Apple Pencil, now on sale for $79 ($50 off) at Amazon and Walmart. The second-gen Apple Pencil is compatible with Apple’s latest iPad models, offering pressure sensitivity and advanced features like tap gestures and the hover feature on M2-equipped iPad Pros. This stylus recharges magnetically and provides a seamless creative experience for digital artists and note-takers alike.

Upgrade Your Smart Home with the Amazon Echo

Amazon’s fourth-gen Echo smart speaker is currently discounted to $54.99 ($55 off) on Amazon. With its orb-like design and superior sound quality compared to the Echo Dot, the fourth-gen Echo serves as a versatile smart hub for your home. In addition to Alexa-enabled tasks, the Echo can also extend Wi-Fi coverage for Eero mesh networks, providing a seamless smart home experience.

Anker’s 30-watt single USB-C charger is now available for $15.99 ($7 off) at Amazon and Walmart, offering fast charging for a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This compact charger is a convenient accessory to keep your devices powered throughout the day.

Gamers and keyboard enthusiasts can enjoy the Famicom-inspired Fami Edition of 8BitDo’s Retro Mechanical Keyboard, currently priced at $79.99 ($20 off) at Woot. This wireless mechanical keyboard features a retro design inspired by the Japanese version of the NES, complete with customizable “Super Buttons,” hot-swappable clicky switches, and a standard tenkeyless layout. With a 90-day warranty, this keyboard offers a nostalgic gaming experience with modern functionality.

For those looking to boost their home security, Blink Mini home security cameras are on sale for $69.99 ($30 off) at Amazon. These cameras record in 1080p resolution, easily mount to the wall, and support Amazon Alexa integration. While cloud storage may require an additional subscription, Blink Mini cameras provide peace of mind when it comes to monitoring your home.

These tech deals offer a range of options for enhancing your lifestyle, whether you’re focused on fitness, smart home automation, creativity, entertainment, or security. Take advantage of these discounts to upgrade your tech setup and enjoy the benefits of innovative solutions for your everyday needs.


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