Gameloft, the developer behind Disney Speedstorm, recently made a significant change to the monetisation strategy of the game, prompting a wave of backlash from players. Previously, players could earn access to the game’s “Golden Pass” through grinding for Tokens. However, with the upcoming season launch, players will no longer have the option to unlock the Golden Pass through gameplay, but instead will be required to purchase it for USD $9.99. This decision was communicated in a blog post by Gameloft, which did not sit well with the player community.

The announcement of the shift in monetisation strategy has led to frustration and disappointment among Disney Speedstorm players, especially those who had invested in the game early on by purchasing the Founder’s Pack. These players were promised that the Tokens they acquired would hold value for future gameplay, but with the new changes, their saved Tokens have lost significance. Many players took to social media platforms like Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with Gameloft’s decision, with some even threatening to stop playing the game altogether.

Community Outrage

The response from the player community has been overwhelmingly negative, with many calling on Gameloft to reconsider the changes and revert to the previous monetisation model. The feeling among players is that the new system unfairly disadvantages those who had invested in the game and saved up Tokens for future use. There is a sense of betrayal and disappointment among players who feel that their loyalty to the game has not been reciprocated by the developer.

Players are not only expressing their disappointment on social media but also on platforms like Steam, where criticism of Gameloft’s perceived greed and lack of consideration for players is gaining momentum. Many players are urging the developer to listen to their feedback and rethink their approach to monetisation. However, as of now, Gameloft has not commented on the backlash or indicated whether they will reconsider their decision.

It is evident that player sentiment is a crucial factor that Gameloft needs to consider in making decisions about the game’s monetisation. The growing discontent among players could potentially have a significant impact on the game’s player community and overall reputation. Whether the developer will take heed of the feedback and make changes to address player concerns remains to be seen. Players are hopeful that Gameloft will recognize the value of their feedback and make changes that benefit the player community. The situation is still unfolding, and players are advised to stay tuned for further updates on this issue.


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