Since the release of Dragon’s Dogma 2, players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of enemy variety in the RPG. The community has voiced their frustrations on various platforms, highlighting their disappointment in the sequel’s limited range of different enemies.

Upon browsing the Dragon’s Dogma subreddit, it is evident that many players are not satisfied with the enemy variety in the game. One user questioned the community, asking, “Can we all agree the game is lacking enemy variety?” accompanied by a meme featuring director Hideaki Itsuno. Subsequent posts and replies echoed similar sentiments, with players expressing their discontent with the repetitive nature of the foes they encounter.

Some players have pointed out that it is not just the scarcity of enemies that is problematic, but also the fact that these enemies have been recycled from previous titles. One Reddit user highlighted, “It’s not even the lack of enemies that’s the issue; it’s the fact that it’s the same enemies we’ve been fighting for the past 12 years! So we’re already getting fatigued from fighting them.” This repetition has led to a sense of monotony and boredom among the player base.

Another aspect that players have criticized is the placement of enemies in the game world. Comparing it to the first Dragon’s Dogma installment, one user observed that the placement of enemies felt more strategic and deliberate, whereas in the sequel, they appear to be scattered randomly. This haphazard arrangement has detracted from the overall immersive experience for some players.

Prior to the release of Dragon’s Dogma 2, developers made statements regarding the variety of enemies players could expect to encounter. However, some players feel that these promises were not fulfilled in the final product. Comments made by director Hideaki Itsuno and lead game designer Kento Kinoshita about the inclusion of large monsters like Sphinx did not align with the actual enemy variety present in the game, leading players to perceive these statements as misleading.

Despite the positive reception of Dragon’s Dogma 2 overall, the lack of enemy variety has emerged as a significant issue for many players. Some have voiced their belief that this particular shortfall may ultimately overshadow other aspects of the game, such as performance and microtransactions. The disparity between player expectations and the actual gameplay experience has left a segment of the community feeling let down.

The feedback from players regarding the enemy variety in Dragon’s Dogma 2 highlights a significant area of concern for the RPG. While the game has received praise for various elements, the lack of diverse enemies and the discrepancy between promises made by developers and the actual gameplay experience have left many players feeling disappointed. Moving forward, it will be crucial for the developers to address these concerns and work towards delivering a more engaging and varied enemy experience for players.


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