The highly anticipated release of Dragon’s Dogma 2 on PC and consoles has been met with mixed reactions from players, especially on Steam. Despite receiving high critical acclaim in reviews, the game has fallen victim to review-bombing due to the sudden introduction of microtransactions that were not present in the press build. Players have expressed their discontent with these microtransactions, leading the game to currently hold a “Mostly Negative” Steam rating based on over 11,000 reviews and counting.

Upon visiting the game’s Steam page, players have noticed that there are 21 DLC items available for purchase, ranging in cost from 89 pence to £4.45 in the UK. These DLC items include various in-game items such as Wakestones, Rift Crystals, a Port Crystal, a makeshift gaol key, a camping kit, and even a character editor called Art Of Metamorphosis. The sudden appearance of these microtransactions has sparked outrage among players, who feel that they are being asked to pay more for content that was not initially communicated to them.

In response to the backlash, Capcom has sought to clarify that many of the DLC items can also be obtained in-game without the need to spend real-world money. They have emphasized that items such as Wakestones, Rift Crystals, Port Crystal, gaol key, and more can be acquired through regular gameplay progression. However, the lack of clear communication regarding the presence of these microtransactions has fueled player frustration and disappointment.

While some of the negative reviews on Steam are focused on the mere existence of microtransactions, others have raised legitimate concerns about the game’s performance on PC. Reports of performance issues, crashes, and freezing have been highlighted by players, with some reviews pointing out the game’s demanding hardware requirements. Capcom has acknowledged these performance issues and has expressed their commitment to investigating and resolving critical problems such as crashes and frame rate drops caused by high CPU usage.

The controversy surrounding Dragon’s Dogma 2’s microtransactions highlights the importance of clear communication between developers and players. The sudden introduction of paid DLC items has angered many players who feel that they are being pressured to spend additional money on content that was not part of the original game experience. While Capcom has assured players that some of these items can be obtained through gameplay, the lack of transparency and poor execution of microtransactions have tainted the game’s release. Moving forward, it is crucial for developers to listen to player feedback, address performance issues promptly, and ensure that in-game purchases do not compromise the overall gaming experience.


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