The highly anticipated 2D exploration platformer, Earthblade, has been in development by Extremely OK Games for nearly three years. Originally teased in early 2021, fans were thrilled at the prospect of another visually stunning and musically immersive game from the creators of Celeste and TowerFall. However, lead creator Maddy Thorson recently announced in a blog update that the game will not be released until at least 2025. This news comes as a disappointment to many eager players who have been eagerly anticipating the game’s release.

Thorson revealed that the delay in Earthblade’s release is due to unforeseen challenges in development. Personal struggles, including Thorson’s gender transition and related major surgery, have posed significant obstacles in moving the project forward. In an effort to address these challenges and reinvigorate the development process, indie developer Kyle Pulver has joined the team as an additional game designer. Thorson acknowledged that she had become the bottleneck in the project’s development and welcomed Pulver’s expertise in helping to identify the vision for Earthblade.

Despite the setbacks and delays, Thorson assured fans that development on Earthblade is not stagnant. The team is still making progress and remains excited to continue working on the game. Thorson emphasized the resilience and determination of the team, stating, “We’ve all had to fight through uncertainty together to make Earthblade.”

When Earthblade was first announced, Extremely OK Games made it clear that the development process would take as long as necessary to ensure a high-quality product. The glimpses of the game so far have garnered attention for its beautiful pixel-art visuals and an enchanting soundtrack by composer Lena Raine. Despite the ongoing delays, the team remains committed to delivering a game that lives up to expectations and showcases their collective talent and dedication.

While fans may be disappointed by the news of Earthblade’s delayed release, there is hope that the additional time and resources dedicated to the project will result in a game that surpasses expectations. The team at Extremely OK Games is determined to overcome the challenges they face and deliver a truly exceptional gaming experience. As we eagerly await updates and further developments on Earthblade, it is clear that this journey is far from over.


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