Escape From Tarkov players were recently up in arms over the release of a new $250 Unheard edition of the game, which left many feeling aggrieved. The developer, Battlestate Games, took to Reddit to address the situation and offer some clarity on the matter.

One of the main points of contention was that players who had previously purchased the $150 Edge Of Darkness edition were now being asked to shell out more money for access to a new co-op PvE mode. Battlestate Games clarified that this mode was not considered DLC in the traditional sense. They defined DLC as major additions to the game released post-launch, while the PvE mode was something different.

Another reason cited for not including the new PvE mode in the Edge Of Darkness edition was server capacity. The developer explained that their servers were currently unable to support all Edge Of Darkness owners accessing the new mode. They assured players that once the game was completed and server infrastructure improved, the mode would be available to all Edge Of Darkness edition owners for free.

In an attempt to appease dissatisfied players, Battlestate Games introduced a 50% discount for players looking to upgrade from the Edge Of Darkness edition to the Unheard edition. This move was seen as a gesture of goodwill towards the community, although reactions on Reddit indicated that many players were still unhappy with the situation.

While the response from Battlestate Games may have shed some light on the reasons behind the decision to release the Unheard edition, the discontent among players remains palpable. Despite the promise of free access to the new mode in the future, many players feel that they have been misled and are frustrated with the current state of affairs.

The recent controversy surrounding the release of the Unheard edition of Escape From Tarkov has highlighted the challenges that developers face when introducing new content and features to their games. Battlestate Games’ response to the outcry from players may have provided some clarity, but it has not completely assuaged the feelings of disappointment and frustration among the community. Only time will tell if the developer’s promises of free access to the new PvE mode will be enough to mend the rift between the players and the studio.


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