Fans of the iconic video game character Mario have something to look forward to in April 2026 – the release of a second Super Mario Bros. movie. But that’s not all. According to Chris Pratt, the voice of Mario in the upcoming film, there may be many more Nintendo-inspired movies in the works over the next decade. Pratt expressed his excitement about the potential for a plethora of new stories set in the world of Mario and other Nintendo properties.

The anticipation for more Nintendo movies comes on the heels of the box office success of the first Super Mario Bros. movie, which premiered in 2023 and surpassed the one billion-dollar mark globally. The positive reception of the film paved the way for the exploration of other beloved Nintendo franchises on the big screen.

Expanding the Nintendo Universe

In addition to the confirmed sequel to the Super Mario Bros. movie, there are hints of a live-action adaptation of The Legend of Zelda in the works, backed by none other than legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and co-financed by Sony. While specific details about the Zelda movie, such as a release date and plot, are still under wraps, the mere mention of expanding the Nintendo cinematic universe has stirred excitement among fans.

With the success of the first Super Mario Bros. movie and the promising developments on the horizon, it seems that Nintendo is poised to make a significant impact in the world of film. The potential for a diverse range of stories and characters from the Nintendo universe to come to life on the big screen is an enticing prospect for both fans and newcomers alike. As Chris Pratt aptly put it, the future looks bright for Mario and Nintendo in the world of cinema.


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