Twitter user pl_evil has provided a helpful translation of a recent letter to shareholders from Bloober Team, revealing that their highly anticipated new game “Project C” will be unveiled later this year. This comes as exciting news for fans of the studio, as it marks the next original game from Bloober Team following their success with Layers Of Fear.

Bloober Team has been keeping busy with a variety of projects, including a Silent Hill 2 remake set to release later this year. Additionally, they are collaborating with Skybound Entertainment on a game codenamed “Project R”. Given Skybound’s association with The Walking Dead, it’s not hard to speculate on the theme of this upcoming project.

Many fans are eagerly awaiting the reveal of Project C, with hopes that it will be a brand new standalone experience rather than a forced sequel to previous titles like Observer or The Medium. Bloober Team has cemented their reputation as a leading horror developer since the release of Layers Of Fear in 2016, known for their unique take on reality and storytelling.

One of the defining features of Bloober Team’s original IP is their ability to present reality in a bizarre and unsettling manner. Games like Observer and The Medium have showcased their talent for blending horror with complex narratives. Despite this consistent theme, each of their projects offers a distinct vibe and experience for players.

Looking back at their portfolio, Bloober Team’s remake of Blair Witch in 2019 may not have been universally acclaimed, but their commitment to honoring the source material is evident. With the promise of a faithful adaptation of Silent Hill 2 on the horizon, fans can expect a high level of respect for the original game.

As we eagerly anticipate the release of Project C later this year and the unveiling of Project R in the future, Bloober Team continues to captivate audiences with their innovative storytelling and immersive gameplay experiences. With a proven track record of delivering unique and engaging horror games, fans can rest assured that the studio is poised to deliver another unforgettable gaming experience.


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