After almost a year-long hiatus, the fighting game MultiVersus is set to make a return next week with exciting updates for players. The developers, Player First Games, have announced that they will be offering a special treat for those who participated in the game’s beta phase. Beta players will have the opportunity to access the first season’s premium battle pass without having to spend a single penny. This means that players will be able to unlock premium rewards, such as the popular character Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, for free, instead of having to purchase them with real money.

In addition to the free battle pass access for beta players, the developers have also promised to enhance the value of the battle pass for those who choose to purchase it. They have increased the number of “high-value” items available in the pass, including ringouts, alternate characters, taunts, and in-game currency called Gleamium. Players who progress far enough in the battle pass will be able to earn enough Gleamium to cover the cost of the next battle pass, allowing them to continue unlocking content without spending additional money. This system is reminiscent of Fortnite’s popular battle pass model and aims to provide players with a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

MultiVersus fans can look forward to a range of new content and rewards in the upcoming update. Beta players will receive a special costume for Adventure Time’s Finn the Human, as well as a unique ringout animation featuring rising stars. Additionally, Adventure Time fans will be excited to hear that the Banana Guard will be introduced as a playable character in the game. By completing a tutorial track over seven days, players can unlock the Banana Guard and its female counterpart, Lady Banana Guard. To add to the fun, players from the open beta will have the option to change their announcer to a Banana Guard voice pack, adding a playful and unexpected twist to the game.

To claim these exciting rewards, players simply need to log in to the free-to-play game between May 28th and June 11th. MultiVersus offers a promising experience for fans of fighting games on PC, with a gameplay style reminiscent of Smash Bros. The game’s diverse range of characters and unique rewards make it an appealing choice for players, especially for those who are fans of Warner Bros IP. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to dive back into the world of MultiVersus and experience all the new content and rewards that await you.


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