Bethesda recently released a new update for Fallout 4, known as “Next Gen Update 2”, focusing on addressing the issues from the previous update and introducing some much-awaited graphics settings for PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, despite the addition of these settings, Bethesda curiously recommends sticking to the default options. This contradictory advice raises concerns among players who were eagerly awaiting these changes. The developers state, “thanks to your feedback, we’ve been able to implement the ability to control your graphic fidelity and performance.” While the flexibility is appreciated, the emphasis on default settings dampens the excitement for many players.

The update introduces a new frame rate target, allowing players to choose between 30, 40, and 60 FPS, with 60 FPS set as the default. However, Bethesda warns that selecting 40 FPS requires a display capable of supporting 120hz, adding a layer of complexity for players. Furthermore, the update includes a visual and performance mode option, with performance mode being the default setting. Players can switch between these modes while aiming to maintain the frame rate target, which aligns with Bethesda’s recommendation. This setup may lead to dynamic adjustments in internal resolution based on the gameplay intensity.

Despite the promised bug fixes and general stability improvements in the patch notes, players remain skeptical about the overall impact of the update. The advice to avoid changing the default settings, coupled with the emphasis on maintaining the recommended frame rate target, raises questions about the effectiveness of the new graphics settings. The lack of substantial improvements for the PC community, apart from a minor fix related to widescreen mode, further adds to the mixed reception of the update. Although Auto HDR has been re-enabled on Xbox Series X, these incremental changes may not be enough to satisfy the player base eagerly anticipating significant enhancements.

Bethesda’s latest Fallout 4 update, Next Gen Update 2, introduces promising graphics settings for next-gen consoles but falls short in addressing the concerns raised by the community. The conflicting recommendations regarding default settings and the cautious approach to frame rate adjustments leave players uncertain about the practical benefits of the update. While bug fixes and stability improvements are commendable, the overall reception of the update remains lukewarm. Moving forward, Bethesda needs to prioritize clearer communication and player-centric updates to regain the trust and enthusiasm of the Fallout 4 fan base.


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