Elden Ring’s expansion Shadow Of The Erdtree has been making waves among gamers, and one key aspect that has caught attention is the standalone leveling system. Having had the opportunity to delve into a portion of the expansion, I feel compelled to take a deeper look at this unique feature that sets it apart from the base game.

The Standalone Leveling System

The standalone leveling system in Shadow Of The Erdtree revolves around three main components: Crosses, Scadutree Fragments, and Revered Ash Blessings. These elements are intertwined to provide players with a new way to enhance their characters and progress through the DLC.

Crosses play a significant role in guiding players through The Land Of Shadow. These brilliant, golden shafts of light serve as markers, leading players to new areas and hidden secrets within the expansion. While they are reminiscent of Graces, they cannot be interacted with in the same manner. It is intriguing to note that Crosses are also the primary locations where players can uncover Scadutree Fragments, which are essential for leveling up in this standalone system.

Scadutree Fragments act as the lifeblood of the new leveling system. Similar to flask shards or Golden Seeds from the base game, Scadutree Fragments can be exchanged for stat buffs when resting at Graces. However, these buffs are only applicable within the DLC areas and will be lost once the player leaves The Land Of Shadow. This unique mechanic presents players with a strategic decision-making process on when and how to utilize these valuable resources.

In addition to Scadutree Fragments, players will also come across Revered Ash Blessings during their journey. These blessings provide flat buffs to summonable allies, enhancing their abilities within the DLC areas. Obtaining Revered Ash Blessings may require overcoming challenging obstacles or exploring hard-to-reach locations, adding an extra layer of depth to the gameplay experience.

The inclusion of Scadutree Fragments raises questions about their intended purpose within the expansion. From my initial experience with the DLC, it appears that these buffs are crucial for character progression and are particularly beneficial for players who may be under-leveled. However, the optional nature of redeeming the Ashes and Fragments also caters to players seeking a greater challenge by forgoing these enhancements. This dual approach adds a level of flexibility to the gameplay, accommodating both casual and hardcore players alike.

Looking to the Future

As the release date of the expansion approaches, players eagerly await the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the world of Shadow Of The Erdtree. The standalone leveling system offers a fresh perspective on character development and progression, setting the stage for a compelling and dynamic gaming experience. Only time will tell how players choose to navigate the challenges presented within The Land Of Shadow and whether they opt to embrace the buffs provided by Scadutree Fragments and Revered Ash Blessings.

Elden Ring’s expansion Shadow Of The Erdtree introduces a captivating standalone leveling system that promises to enhance the overall gameplay experience for players. By incorporating unique elements such as Crosses, Scadutree Fragments, and Revered Ash Blessings, the developers have crafted a dynamic and engaging progression system that adds depth and intrigue to the expansion. As players prepare to embark on their journey through The Land Of Shadow, the choices they make regarding leveling and buffs will ultimately shape their adventure and determine their success in overcoming the challenges that await them.


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