Creating your own wrestlers, known as CAWs, in WWE 2K24 can be a game-changer. Many fans have taken advantage of this feature to add their favorite superstars who may be missing from the default roster. By accessing Online > Community Creations > Downloads, you can search for and download a wide variety of CAWs created by talented individuals in the gaming community.

One notable creation is The Authors of Pain, who made their return to WWE in December 2023 after a three-year absence. These CAWs, crafted by ByecawzZ, allow you to complete the stable known as The Final Testament in-game. Both Akam and Rezar come with two different outfits, adding to the versatility of these creations.

Andrade, who recently made a surprise return to WWE in January 2024, is another must-add from the list of WWE 2K24 CAWs. Despite his current status in AEW Fight Forever, fans can now enjoy playing as this talented wrestler in the game thanks to dedicated creators in the community.

The absence of certain legends like William Regal from the default roster can be disheartening for fans. However, creators like MandoYo76 have stepped in to fill the gap by providing accurate representations of these beloved wrestlers. By downloading CAWs like these, players can ensure that their favorite superstars are not overlooked in the game.

Some CAW creators, such as WhatsTheStatus, have gained a reputation for their ability to unlock hidden assets within the game and create unique versions of wrestlers like Finn Balor. These alternate attires and versions of popular characters add an extra layer of customization and excitement to the WWE 2K24 experience.

New additions to WWE, such as Santos Escobar and his stable Legado del Fantasma, have also found their way into the world of CAWs. Creators like BrandonRbr have meticulously designed these characters, allowing players to enjoy the full spectrum of talent that the wrestling world has to offer.

CAWs of fan-favorite wrestlers like Dean Ambrose, known as Jon Moxley in AEW, continue to be popular among players. With detailed attires and movesets created by talented individuals like Kamillon2K and HarvAddy, these CAWs bring the excitement of these superstars to life in the virtual wrestling ring.

For fans of classic wrestlers like The Texas Tornado, creators like HonchosLegends have provided the opportunity to relive the glory days of wrestling. With full movesets, entrances, and victory motions, these CAWs capture the essence of legendary wrestlers for a new generation of fans.

With the inclusion of rising stars like Oba Femi and Mercedes Mone in the world of CAWs, players can experience the excitement of watching these talents grow and evolve in the wrestling industry. The dedication and creativity of the community ensures that no wrestler goes unnoticed in the world of WWE 2K24 CAWs.


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