The depths of the ocean are a mysterious and eerie place, with only a small percentage explored by humans. Still Wakes The Deep, a game developed by The Chinese Room, delves into the unknown, placing players in a state of perpetual unease. The game is set off the coast of Scotland in 1975, where the protagonist, Caz McCleary, finds himself in a dire situation on an isolated oil rig. As the drill hits something unknown, the game takes a sharp turn from mundane work to devastating horror.

One of the standout features of Still Wakes The Deep is its audio work. The groaning of the oil rig, the screams of horrifying entities, and the atmospheric sounds create a chilling environment. The voice acting, filled with authentic Scottish slang, adds to the realism of the game. The attention to detail in the audio work immerses players in the eerie world of the oil rig.

While the atmosphere and audio work in Still Wakes The Deep are exceptional, the platforming elements leave something to be desired. The lack of combat means players must navigate the collapsing oil rig through sprinting, climbing, and sneaking. However, the repetitive nature of the objectives and interface can make the platforming feel less enjoyable. Despite these shortcomings, the platforming elements serve to reinforce the feeling of futility that permeates the game.

The Emotional Backstory

Beyond the atmospheric setting and platforming challenges, Still Wakes The Deep offers a compelling emotional backstory. The concept of running away as both the only option and the reason for being in the current predicament creates a sense of dramatic irony. While the emotional depth could have been further explored, the underlying story leaves a lasting impact on players long after the credits roll.

A Cinematic Experience

Still Wakes The Deep is a cinematic and atmospheric game that lingers in the mind like a haunting memory. The relatively short playtime of 5-6 hours makes it an accessible experience, though the intense atmosphere may not be suitable for late-night gaming sessions. Drawing comparisons to John Carpenter’s The Thing, the game delivers a sickening feeling of being watched, desperation, and grotesque body horror that will leave players on edge.

Still Wakes The Deep is a game that excels in creating a chilling atmosphere, immersive audio experience, and emotional depth. While the platforming elements may fall short in some areas, the overall experience is one that will stick with players long after they finish the game. If you enjoy horror games that leave you with a sense of unease and paranoia, Still Wakes The Deep is a must-play.


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