The debate over whether there is a clear geological difference between rock and stone continues to spark curiosity among many. While a quick Google search may suggest that stones are simply smaller rocks, this distinction seems somewhat arbitrary and begs for a more thorough examination. One might ponder the relevance of such a distinction in everyday scenarios, unless you find yourself in a situation where correcting someone on this matter could serve as a last defiant act of pettiness.

Enter First Dwarf, a colony survival game that chooses to focus on stones rather than rocks, alongside the use of wood as the primary building material for colonies. However, the game offers more than just geological semantics, as players are introduced to a unique world where giant dwarven mechs wield hammers against toxic creatures, with a tiny dragon companion perched on their shoulder. This whimsical addition to the game adds an element of charm and intrigue, as the dragon has apparently learned human language by sneaking into a library.

According to the lead developer’s gameplay overview, First Dwarf is a fusion of action, RPG, building, colony survival, and tower defense genres. Developed by the Polish studio Star Drifters, the game is set in the same universe as their previous title, Driftland: The Magic Revival, albeit with a different gameplay approach. While building remains a core aspect of First Dwarf, the perspective shifts from top-down to third-person, allowing players to immerse themselves in the world on a more intimate level. The game offers a seamless transition between building, fighting, exploring, and resource gathering, providing a dynamic and engaging experience for players.

Building and Survival

In First Dwarf, players must not only focus on constructing thriving colonies but also ensure their security against natural disasters and enemy attacks. The need to build shelters for settlers during dangerous storms is emphasized as a crucial element for maintaining the happiness of dwarfs in the game. Additionally, strategic placement of barricades and towers becomes essential in defending against menacing creatures such as the aforementioned “shitlizards.” The game also introduces a workshop for crafting advanced tools and upgrades, adding depth to the building and survival aspects of gameplay.

While the trailer for First Dwarf hints at a rich and visually stunning world, the overall objective of the game remains somewhat ambiguous. It appears that players will need to complete mini objectives on floating landmasses by establishing and safeguarding colonies for their dwarf companions. The concept of traveling between sky islands via an airship adds a sense of adventure and exploration to the gameplay experience. Controlling not only the dwarven mech but also the dragon companion, players can unleash fiery attacks on enemies and discover hidden areas that may hold valuable resources or secrets.

First Dwarf offers a unique blend of genres and gameplay mechanics that promise an exciting and immersive experience for players. By emphasizing the importance of building, survival, exploration, and combat, the game invites players to delve into a world filled with charm, danger, and wonder. While some aspects of the game’s objectives remain unclear, the overall presentation and gameplay mechanics displayed in the trailer suggest a promising adventure awaits those who embark on this journey into the world of First Dwarf.


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