Solo developer Billy Basso’s intriguing Metroidvania game, Animal Well, has finally received a release date of May 9th, as announced by publishers Bigmode. The game promises players an immersive experience as they navigate through a vast labyrinth of tunnels, solving puzzles, and encountering various mammalian-based creatures along the way. Despite being a small, blob-like creature reminiscent of a chicken nugget, players will find themselves in a dangerous world where every step could lead to being devoured by the horrors lurking within.

Having had the opportunity to play Animal Well for 15 minutes at GDC last year, it became evident that this game is something special. As a solo project, the level of detail present in the pixel art, lighting, ambience, and overall atmosphere is truly remarkable. Despite the challenges faced during the demo, such as getting lost and being eaten by a ghost wolf, the experience left a lasting impression. Animal Well has the potential to become the standout Metroidvania game of its genre, requiring players to think critically and unravel the mysteries hidden within its world.

In the release date trailer, viewers catch a glimpse of the various items and tools available to players in Animal Well. From using sticks to distract predators to a bioluminescent yoyo for luring creatures away, the game offers a unique approach to problem-solving. Additionally, players can utilize firecrackers to fend off menacing crows and even wield a bubble wand to create makeshift platforms for navigation, showcasing the game’s innovative gameplay mechanics.

With its impending release on May 9th at a price point of £21/$25, Animal Well is poised to captivate players with its intricate world and challenging gameplay. The promise of “full Steam Deck support” further enhances the anticipation surrounding the game. Whether you are a fan of Metroidvania adventures or simply seeking a captivating gaming experience, Animal Well offers a unique and engaging journey that is not to be missed.

Animal Well stands out as a promising addition to the Metroidvania genre, offering players a visually stunning world filled with mysteries waiting to be uncovered. As the release date approaches, anticipation continues to build for the solo developer’s enigmatic creation.


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